Today, a show, concert or conference with no multimedia would probably be impossible. Our offer includes also the latest solutions in this area.
LED screens made with SMD technology, high-power video projectors, and innovative, digitally-controlled servers will provide the highest level of multimedia service of any event.
LED screens are large-size video displays, consisting of panels of different sizes and pixel resolutions. In our offer, we have video LED screens for indoor and outdoor use, with real screen resolution from 3.8 mm. Our screens have high brightness, which guarantees a perfect image, even on a sunny day. The special, mobile, light case of the panels makes it possible to install them on both flat surfaces and on stage structures. The screens are fully mobile and configurable in different proportions and sizes.
The LED screens are perfect for all kinds of outdoor events, music concerts and business parties. LED screens constitute an innovative and highly effective form of transferring information to a vast group of viewers.
Our offer includes PANASONIC video projector, with brightness of 16 000 ANSI. Interchangeable lenses make it possible to adjust the size of the projection, depending on the distance. Special, dedicated framework makes it possible to join (stack) the projectors vertically and horizontally, so that you can get the resolution up to 8 K and total brightness of almost 100 000 ANSI.
The projectors in our offer are great for displaying information, ads and promotional content on a large screen. What is more, they are also perfect for creating multimedia scenography, video mapping and for every occasion when you need high brightness, high resolution, and a reliable system.
Media servers greatly facilitate generating graphics, text and video animation in varied multimedia shows. It is especially important when there is a need to change the content during a show and adjusting it to the current needs of the director. Media servers are advanced computer systems, which make it possible to play, overlap and mix the multimedia content on several video layers simultaneously, in real time. The devices have multi output graphic cards which make it possible to connect up to 18 independent video receivers. Media servers are triggered and synchronized using ARTNET and DMX, and MIDI and SMPT signals. Our high-tech media servers guarantee a reliable control of multichannel video installations and meet the expectations of the market, even with the most challenging projects. Working on such events, we use the world-recognized, renowned media sewers of such manufacturers as Arkaos, Resolume and Catalyst.