Performing sphere

Wanting to meet the expectations of the event market, we are one of the first companies in Poland / in the world to introduce SPHERICAL DOMES WITH NO METAL FRAMEWORK in our offer.
ATMO-Sphere 25 - a space created with a spherical, light coat filled with air. The sphere’s coat is made of a special material which makes it possible to play video projections in such a way, that the displayed images are visible both form the inside and outside of the sphere.
Airlock door allow for freedom of movement and communication of people inside the multimedia sphere.
The sphere is equipped with air conditioning, lasers, multimedia devices and a 360 degree projection system. In addition, to intensify the visual experience, we also offer an 8-channel sound system.
Our largest sphere has 25 m in diameter and is 12.5 m high. It is probably the biggest sphere in Europe. ATMO Sphere 25 can accommodate 300 people at a time.
The sphere can be arranged and used as:
a screen for displaying movies in 360 degrees
informationand advertisement medium
a place for:
- exhibitions and fairs
- product presentation
- sport events
- sumptuous banquets and business meetings
- artistic performances and concerts
- fashion shows
- festivals and movie premieres
- meeting with voters
We especially recommend using the sphere as a mobile planetary with the use of the state-of-the-art projection and effect techniques, joining the elements of RGB laser shows, special effects and 360 degrees video projections.
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